TechMood for a healthy balance with technology.  TechMood is a social cause and a neutral platform that collects & structures information from different fields of society about how we are connected and deal with technology as a basis of research and decision-making.


TechMood illuminates challenges, morals, perspectives of a life with tech with scientists, philosophers, neurologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, lawmakers etc. globally so that any person can consult it.  





Allured is a feature film trilogy and a multi media franchise the screenplays of which have won multiple awards.  I wrote them :-).


It is about two Greek Gods who wager over whether love or technology is the stronger force in the universe.  In order to win the bet, they create and manipulate a love triangle between Louise - a truck driver, Philip - who owns and runs a bakery, and Zinya - an attorney.


Think Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona meets Her and Harry Potter.